Shooting on an iPhone

Turns out that, if you’ve got great lighting, and I mean GREAT lighting, you can shoot great looking footage on a iPhone. The short below was filmed using an iPhone 6s, decent kitchen lighting, and this $32 LED.*

The kitchen with all of its lights really made these shots. I just used the LED to bounce some light off the marble counter onto Erin to provide contrast with background.

If we had shot in a less well-lit interior, this would have looked very different. The iPhone with its tiny sensor just can’t soak up tons of light, and the phone would have compensated with a much higher ISO. And ISO = noise. guerrilla

For the script, I thought of the concept awhile ago. This idea actually came before to the STD debate video.

*iPhone was mounted on this tripod with this head using this cage. Also used this shotgun mic mounted to the cold shoe. Video shot using this app.


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